Teaching & Coaching

Deciding to teach in any discipline at all was a difficult one for me.

Every field has its experts, especially well established ones. 

and since I have been self taught in every field im engaged in, i'm hardly an official 'expert' in this field.


However, since I have been performing, playing guitar, writing songs (music&lyrics) , and singing, People have asked me countless questions.


How do you write a song?

How do you play like that? (Percussive, Modern Fingerstyle, Tapping)

How do I find a songline over a chordprogression?

How do I write/structure/choose lyrics?

How can I sing better?


At first I was hesistant in answering these, and other questions, simply because I havent had any 'official' schooling,

and I didnt feel like I had any answers.


But I began answering them prefaced with "Im not a schooled '....' teacher, but.."

And I found, and people told me that, they could relate to what I had to say quite easily and that they improved.

I started formulating my own concept around how to approach playing the guitar, being very carefull to mention the fact that, by no stretch of the imagination am I teaching "the best way to play guitar"

or even a way to play and approach the guitar.


In fact what I am teaching is "MY way, of playing the guitar"

We know that some of the greatest artists, performers, songwriters, singers and guitarplayers have been uneducated, self taught.

And its also true to say the guitar as an Instrument has not been around for very long, the jury on how to use it, think about it, approach it, is still very much out.

This is not to say that I think the current information around these subjects is inadequate or no good.

Quite the opposite, I see immeasurable value in taking lessons from an educated professional, in fact in some cases it might be impossible to go without.

So much has been said about the guitar that one could never hope to 'Master' it.


My road to playing, writing and performing my own songs was a difficult one, Im a naturally stubborn person, and before I started performing, I had self taught myself many different abilities, 

Amongst other things, I taught parkour/freerunning and I performed shows with Handbalancing.

I have been singing all my life and I had been thinking about learning the guitar, And one day I just decided to buy one.

I had seen people play ofcourse and knew at the very least how one was supposed to hold it, and I just went from there.

A year later I played my first gig, playing 75% originals in an hour set.


4 years and many requests/suggestions to start teaching later, here we are.


I have my own concepts, thoughts and mechanics regarding Guitarplaying, composing, songwriting, song structuring, writing lyrics, singing, and combining all of those elements into a performance.

Although I believe I can, and want to help anyone get better, some people might be more suited for my classes then others.

An example of a student/artist/singer/guitarplayer/etc. who might find my classes uninformative would be someone who has never played guitar before, doesnt sing and has no desire to perform.

Such a person might be better off taking normal lessons from an established professional.

At the other side of the spectrum would be someone who Sings and plays, desires to or already performs, desires to or already writes songs, has seen my style of playing/writing/performing and has 

concluded there to be some merit in 'picking my brain' 

Thats a person I believe would find what I have to say usefull.

That is not to say its required to be active in all of those disciplines at the same time, any combination or just a single one would be fine.

But if you are genuinely taking your very first step in guitarplaying, singing, writing, etc. Then I dont think my class is going to be very usefull to you.


To conclude, By no means will you find me to be a 'teacher' in the standard, sterile, impersonal way one imagines teachers to be.

I'm very personal, energetic and always excited to be working on, in, and around music. 

Taking one of my classes, either in person, or via skype, is as much a learning experience for you as it is for me.


Everyone has something to teach, and i'm excited to learn from all of you!


For more information, personal conversation or try-out, you can contact me by email or phone:


+31 6 4405 3495