Mayson Guitars

So there it is! My new ❤ - my 'Mayson MS9/SCE' - this guitar is truly out of this world! - some time ago I played a set at a festival venue called 'Woodstock aan de waal' - it just so happened that there were Mayson representatives present during my set. Afterwards while thanking the sound engineers for a job well done, I got in touch with them, and they told me that they loved my playing and subsequently invited me to drop by their HQ to discuss potential endorsement of their products. 

And so I did! - they had 5 of their top models hanging there for me to try but I quickly settled on the MS9 - 

besides having a absolute top notch mic/bridge pickup system, that translates extremely well and allows for amplified percussion. This guitar simply feels right. A beautifully lush sound and look, Playing it you quickly notice the notes are in near perfect balance all across the neck, wich just makes playing it a true delight. I wont be playing anything else on records or on stage. I invite every guitarist to not take my word for it, but go check if there is a dealer near you and try them on. You will be positively amazed. I truly have nothing but love for Mayson, their products, and their hospitality. Im proud to be part of the Mayson family! .